getting unstuck with pema

Have you ever come across Pema Chodron? she’s great! she has many a wise word to impart, she’s written many books, my favourite title being ‘Comfortable with Uncertainty’. Continue reading


handmade soulful-ness

this is a beautiful blog which i read this morning – it is titled ‘being me’. i feel it needs to be shared, because i think it is very lovely and very human.

These are some of the good words: “I really feel the need to connect my mind, body and soul in a way I have never put much thought in to before. I’m not quite sure how or what path I’m going to take but I know I need change to feel happier and healthier. My being is screaming out for it. Continue reading

markets and go-go

I went to The North Melbourne Market at the weekend, it had craft and vintage, new things and old things and interesting things. I could have bought lots, but I was being thrifty. So I bought two hair clips and this, which must be the cutest puzzle ever Continue reading

be free and spill ’em

I came across this at the weekend. I love it.

near the corner of scotchmer and st georges road, north fitzroy.

today why not be freer, be open, don’t play your cards close to your chest, tell the world, rejoice!

creativity is so healthful.

how to make onions disappear

onion marmalade jar

I’m a big fan of a tasty condiment. They are especially useful when you’re trying to make healthful changes to your diet and maybe missing a few of your old not-so-healthy favourites. Think of them as a chance to discover new tastes and re-train your taste buds.

So this is one of my favourites Continue reading


Look what i just made – the most amazing tasty tahini balls. Given that I am in the third week of a detox and have been avoiding sugar and processed foods, and most especially cakes and chocolate, these balls are a heavenly dose of sweetness, and so so easy. Recipe was gifted by beautiful friend Katherine – cheers! Continue reading

park life

I had such a lovely day the other day. I marvelled at the wonders of colour and scent as i passed an eclectic and beautiful mix of front gardens in my neighbourhood, on the way to the park with a dog called Jelly. A man of slightly elderly age passed by, I wished I had a cap so I could doff it at him, instead we exchanged smiles – nice! I played ‘stick’ with Jelly a while and sat in the sun and soaked up some vitamin d and made a daisy chain. I marvelled at the ease of making a daisy chain in comparison to the frustration that it caused me as a young nipper.

A walk in the park, an exchange of human kindness, a dose of sun and a reminder of the healing power of nature in all its spectacular wonder – a right old boost to health and only minutes from my front door – brilliant!

creating new moods

I was feeling woolly in the head the other day and I was reminded of a very special and important thing…. the incredible impact on your mood and mind that seeing something beautiful and creative can have. I happened to pass by panelpop on brunswick street and was drawn to go in. I discovered the work of this artist, Shannon Crees, I loved it, it made my heart sing and my mood changed, instantly. Continue reading

healing heart-a-noon

On Sunday 12th September 40 or so  keen crafters, both experts and novices alike, joined force to crochet healing hearts in aid of the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night appeal and in honour of our lovely friend, Charmaine Dennis, who was shockingly diagnosed with Leukaemia nearly 3 months ago.

It was a spectacular craftanoon, 224 beautiful crocheted hearts were made and joined in bunting which was gifted to Char and which will hopefully bring joy when it decorates her hospital bed during her bone marrow transplant next month, from which, I am so absolutely very very sure that, she will arise all well and mended. Continue reading