Taking Stock – January 2018


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Inspired by the beautiful and clever Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes, I decided to do my own ‘Taking Stock’ this month, given that’s it been a bit of a monumental start to the year. You can see Pip’s own ‘Taking Stock’ over here.

Making :
Progress with health, slowly, slowly catchy monkey. And I’ve made one granny square, aiming for more so I can make a cardi thing, inspired by one of Pip’s recent makings.

Cooking :
I’m craving zesty, fresh and light things, salsa, tzatziki, baked salmon, steamed veg, sushi. I do a little bit of food prep but husband does most of it, given my state of not-too-wellness. What prep I do do (dah do do) is in the Thermomix. Crikey, yes! I’m one of those people. I have to say since not being well it has made things so much easier, a bit like painting by numbers but for food, it really helps energy-conservation-wise with all kinds of healthy food prep. And it makes really great custard. But I don’t want to get all thermomix-evangelical on you, so I’ll leave it at that, other than to say I realise the investment for one is huge but it’s been a good one for us and we made a conscious budget management decision in order to buy one a couple of years ago, from Nicole, who’s lovely and also a Naturopath.

Drinking :
Water, lots of it, to flush out this darn virus.

Nothing yet in hard copy, my eyes can’t really handle it, it makes my dizzy worse. But… if this counts…. I am listening to an audio book, Marian Keyes – Rachel’s Holiday, it’s how I while away my middle of the night insomniacal hours. I subscribed (free month trial) to Audible for this title but usually I get my audio books from the local library (which uses Borrow Box) and that’s totally free, isn’t that brilliant!

Next read:
On the reading pile is Marian Keyes – The Break, Joan Didion – A Year of Magical Thinking and Smiling Mind, Mindfulness Made Easy – Jane Martino. I’m relatively familiar with Mindfulness but have recommended this book to a friend so thought I’d take a look too.

To feel better, very much so.

When I am not feeling sensory overload or sitting in a darkened room I love looking out of my lounge room windows where I see mostly trees and greenery and the changing light upon.

Tunes on Spotify. I’ve created some playlists – Favourites (because it’s always good to revisit your favourites), Gentle (for when I need soft) and Emotive (for when I need to let things out and have a bit of a weep).

Which house inspections to go to today. Four! We’ll go and see four.

For wellness.

Being in the ocean. When I went to the beach the other day and got in the water the external sway of the sea matched my own internal ‘at-sea’ dizziness and they balanced each other out and it was bliss.

To find the ‘perfect*’ new place to live in. OK… I’ll take nearly perfect.

Turmeric fudge and chocolate almond bliss balls (but not at the same time, that would be too weirdo).

What it all means.

Re-connecting with friends.

What the future will look like but trying to stay in the present.

What my Desert Island Disks will be. Do you know Desert Island Disks? It’s my favourite. It’s a BBC radio 4 program which has been going for decades where the host interviews a guest by way of the guest choosing the 8 disks they would take with them if they were marooned on a desert island (the clue is in the title!). It becomes a great vehicle for finding out about someone, what makes them tick etc, really great. There are heaps of archives that you can listen to as podcasts so I really recommend taking a listen. In the next couple of months I’m hosting a Desert Island Disks Luncheon (a DIDL) for 6 friends and we’re all going to pick our records and I can’t wait to hear their choices. So I’m in the process of choosing mine. It’s quite tricky! But great to re-visit meaningful songs that I’ve not heard in ages.

Secondhand clothes from eBay and various facebook groups, though I’m trying to limit this because I want to acquire less and be even more ethically minded when it comes to fashion. I’m selling quite a lot of clothes at the moment too so I think that kindof justifies it, almost.

Kind things and sometimes funny things that are kind as well, such as Please Like Me.

Next watch:
Maybe The Crown, will it be kind enough? If not, I’ll probably start on the box set of The Wonder Years.

That I feel better soon (hhhmmm, this appears to be a recurrent theme).

At the kindness of people, including those who are offering to pop round and say hello and play scrabble with me or just hang out for a bit. Also at the amazing healthcare I’m receiving… and that it’s free! That’s just blinking amazing. Truly, how lucky are those of us that have this kind of access to free healthcare, so so fortunate. I’m very grateful for that.

At why I felt the need to justify buying a thermomix (as per above). Oh well!

To walk with a stick.

Why am I in the medical situation I’m currently in? Why do I have this ridiculously¬† bonkers health picture? Why did the hearing in my left ear disappear in an instant? I have an unquenchable thirst to find out, I have an analytical and searching mind but I have to be better at quietening that monkey-brain and learn some patience and acceptance.

I’ll soon be smelling this essential oil nasalette thing that I’ve bought hoping it might help with nausea. Looks a bit weird but hopefully it will smell nice and make me feel delightful.

Soft things like this jumpsuit from Sassind, which is a bit like an adult babygrow. So comfy and soft. I particularly like that they document (and photograph) their supply partners, which pleases me, I try and shop ethically.

Lots of people on instagram, which I’ve started engaging with again after a few months hiatus. Particularly liking @karenbarbe, @recipesforselflove, @_jujujust_, @tinycurl, @michelle_roger, @ngvmelbourne (especially the pics of the Triennial and Del Kathryn Barton exhibitions) and #bunniesofinstagram because rabbits are cute.

That the hearing in my other ear might go.

Sensory overload a lot of the time, especially if I’m out and about and sometimes when I’m at home too.

That I want to learn sign language.

About lots of people, but particularly my lovely friend Gina G in the UK.

My fancy new earphones which give me solace, comfort and nice listenings.

Trying to get rid of extraneous things before we move. I’m loving selling things we no longer use, need, want. Feels so good for them to go off to new homes and have a new lease on life with someone else.

Tired, a lot

This Sarah K Benning embroidery kit on Esty.

A trip to the UK to see family and friends.

That we didn’t get that lovely rental property in Elwood that we applied for last Saturday and that the real estate agent was rude and not nice when I called to enquire about the status of our application (which, by the way, was really good, how silly they were to not say yes to us).

My heart. yep really. It’s very tender in there at the moment. And I seem to have momentarily lost my filter and am sharing quite a lot, maybe over-sharing, but that’s just how it is at the moment… and I’m going with it #gushingtastic.

At the funny bits in Please Like Me.

Everything, intensely. But feeling the feel then letting it pass and not trying to hang on to it. Observing without judgement and letting go…. as much as possible.

Not too much, the occasional bliss ball. My appetite has lessened which is good because I do need to lose a few kgs.

Not as much as I used to.

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