creating new moods

I was feeling woolly in the head the other day and I was reminded of a very special and important thing…. the incredible impact on your mood and mind that seeing something beautiful and creative can have. I happened to pass by panelpop on brunswick street and was drawn to go in. I discovered the work of this artist, Shannon Crees, I loved it, it made my heart sing and my mood changed, instantly.

Then I looked her up online, and what a cornucopia of creativity i did find.

This brightly coloured one with the butterflies is my favourite.

And this one is called crochet (so appropriate, a girl after my own heart!):

I wasnt immediately drawn to this one when i first looked at it, but then i looked again and when you look up close its really beautiful, especially the flowers, and see those hands, down there in the bottom right hand corner, i think they might be my healing massage hands!

I would like to buy some of her art, and I might actually do it, they have some tempting pieces at panelpop, but also here and over here.

So I encourage you to go and out and see beautiful things – notice what effect it has on you – and rejoice!

creating new moods = crafting health




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