Extreme Crochet

In Melbourne it’s hot. Super hot. It was meant to peak at 38 degrees C at 5pm tonight. It’s certainly super warm. And we do not have aircon at my house. so yes, super warm indeed.

It is somewhat unfortunate therefore that I really really really want to crochet and finish off my blanket that brings me lots of joy as super hot heatness and thick woolly crochet blanket do not really go together.

But, given my dedication to crochet – oh crochet how I love you so – and being the tenacious sort, I have decided to go ahead and do ‘extreme crochet’, this requires some special considerations, should you wish to do similar you will need the following Continue reading


Look what I got



I wanted to just share this moment of gorgeousness with you.

This week I received this beautiful card from the fabulous Brunswick Brown Owls group, it was made by Stacy, it’s so special and it made my heart sing to receive it.

Look what craft does, it spreads joy so it does – brilliant.

crafty stress management is going great!

here is what one of the lovely course participants said:

“Crafty Stress Management has helped me to reassess my attitudes towards crafting, my responses to stress, and my love of creativity! Thank you Sue, for sharing your knowledge!” Continue reading

the autumnal progression of a granny square

I did some grannying at the weekend.

This is their autumnal progression.

Continue reading

babs, cushions & creme eggs

Happy Easter!

from me & my (easter) bunny babs.

Babs is resting in front of my newly finished cream coloured crochet cushion (oh i do love a liitle bit of alliteration), i love it, my cushion, it has a bobble trim and whenever i look at it, it makes my heart sing. I do love finishing off a project (and blimey do i have lots of projects to finish off!), such a great feeling of completion and satisfaction and good things like that.

And yes, babs has managed to acquire a creme egg, not very naturopathic i grant you, but i’ve heard (!) that they are quite tasty, as long as you dont get a mouthful of foil along with your choc and fondant. All in moderation now babs, be a good bunny.

healing heart-a-noon

On Sunday 12th September 40 or so  keen crafters, both experts and novices alike, joined force to crochet healing hearts in aid of the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night appeal and in honour of our lovely friend, Charmaine Dennis, who was shockingly diagnosed with Leukaemia nearly 3 months ago.

It was a spectacular craftanoon, 224 beautiful crocheted hearts were made and joined in bunting which was gifted to Char and which will hopefully bring joy when it decorates her hospital bed during her bone marrow transplant next month, from which, I am so absolutely very very sure that, she will arise all well and mended. Continue reading