handmade soulful-ness

this is a beautiful blog which i read this morning – it is titled ‘being me’. i feel it needs to be shared, because i think it is very lovely and very human.

These are some of the good words: “I really feel the need to connect my mind, body and soul in a way I have never put much thought in to before. I’m not quite sure how or what path I’m going to take but I know I need change to feel happier and healthier. My being is screaming out for it.

These are some more of good words: “take time-out. stop. be calm. accept myself”

Here is the essential question: “is handmade good for the soul?”, to which we climb to the treetops and shout – yes, yes, and thrice more yes.

get soulful get crafting.

i just want to be crafting health more and more and more. i really really do.

sue x


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