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  sue halliday

has practiced Naturopathy and Massage (BHSc WHM, Adv Dip Nat, ITEC Dip Msg) for more than 10 years, with a particular interest in women’s health, fertility, mental health and stress management. As a boutique Naturopathy practice, Crafting Health combines science based knowledge with a practical yet crafty approach to achieving optimum wellness.  It embodies crafting principles in its development of treatment strategies and patient orientated health goals – creativity, tradition, resourcefulness, inspiration, taking action, taking care, sustenance, community mindedness, education, sharing of skills and the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation. Crafting Health is currently not taking new patients.

Crafting Health continues in a creative direction and is producing a small range of products, beautiful handmade things that make you feel good.

Sue is also encouraging the pursuit of health and well-being in her role as curator of arts and crafts short courses at CAE (Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne), where she enjoys managing a wide variety of courses where students can learn new skills, become inspired by new knowledge and explore the integral role that creativity can have in the health of the individual.


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