healing heart-a-noon

On Sunday 12th September 40 or so  keen crafters, both experts and novices alike, joined force to crochet healing hearts in aid of the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night appeal and in honour of our lovely friend, Charmaine Dennis, who was shockingly diagnosed with Leukaemia nearly 3 months ago.

It was a spectacular craftanoon, 224 beautiful crocheted hearts were made and joined in bunting which was gifted to Char and which will hopefully bring joy when it decorates her hospital bed during her bone marrow transplant next month, from which, I am so absolutely very very sure that, she will arise all well and mended.

It was so great to see everyone getting stuck in with their crochet hooks and just amazing to see those that have never hooked before producing such great hearts (some all the better for their particularly lovely wonkiness) and then even more amazing (and what i particularly love about craft and crafters) to see those that have just learnt to then go on and teach others that were still in the process of learning. The power of craft is just incredible. It is a beautiful thing! It is what i witness so often with crafting that people take craft into their hearts and gain so much from it. Simply awesome.

A super grand total of $650 was raised, which really is quite amazing, so a very very big thank you to all those that participated, sponsored, taught, crocheted, gifted door prize (thanks lovely Pip of meet me at mikes) and special thanks to my fabulous co-host ‘hooktastic’ Gina.

Carry on crafting!

sue x


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