i chose health today – banana icecream

banana icecream

Wanted big piece of chocolate cake, but thought just right now I can do better than that, so I chose this instead.

Homemade peanutty banana icecream. Continue reading


Turning Bad into Good – my cheesy adventures

ricotta 4

So sometimes things don’t go so well….. blah….. but isnt it great when you can turn them around into something great.

I really do make an effort to find the good in things, even when it feels outrageously dreadful at the time. I don’t always manage it immediately, but I’m getting better. Continue reading

Beaut Breakfast


This was my breakfast the other morning, brekkie salad – avocado, baby spinach leaves, tomato, almonds and I added some quick fried tempeh – delicious!

I was inspired by a recipe from The Stone Soups ‘Love your waistline and your food’ book. The book appears to be paleo-centric but will have a much wider appeal, some great recipes, with the philosophy of ease, health, quick and tasty food – my kind of eating.

Jules has lots of recipes on her blog here.

leaflets, treats and lemons

Yesterday I went leafleting, with my new and beautiful (even if i do say so myself) leaflets. Because, yes, I do want to promote myself and take the healthful message of Crafting Health out to the world – admitedly yesterday I only got as far as Fitzroy, but it’s a start. Continue reading

how to make onions disappear

onion marmalade jar

I’m a big fan of a tasty condiment. They are especially useful when you’re trying to make healthful changes to your diet and maybe missing a few of your old not-so-healthy favourites. Think of them as a chance to discover new tastes and re-train your taste buds.

So this is one of my favourites Continue reading


Look what i just made – the most amazing tasty tahini balls. Given that I am in the third week of a detox and have been avoiding sugar and processed foods, and most especially cakes and chocolate, these balls are a heavenly dose of sweetness, and so so easy. Recipe was gifted by beautiful friend Katherine – cheers! Continue reading