Taking Stock – January 2018


blog combo x 3 me with stick

Inspired by the beautiful and clever Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes, I decided to do my own ‘Taking Stock’ this month, given that’s it been a bit of a monumental start to the year. You can see Pip’s own ‘Taking Stock’ over here.

Making :
Progress with health, slowly, slowly catchy monkey. And I’ve made one granny square, aiming for more so I can make a cardi thing, inspired by one of Pip’s recent makings.

Cooking :
I’m craving zesty, fresh and light things, salsa, tzatziki, baked salmon, steamed veg, sushi. I do a little bit of food prep but husband does most of it, given my state of not-too-wellness. Continue reading


doll making – creative freeze and pushing through

I’m relatively new to making dolls.

But with the risk of being immodest I’m quite good at it. I’ve taken to it like a duck to water. Sometimes the needle appears to be working under its own steam as if I am just an observer to what it creates.

So… it feels good. But getting started is hard. I fear this one isn’t going to be as good as the last one and a creative freeze descends. But I push through. And it thaws. Continue reading

Feeling Big in the Heart

me at BHB photo courtesy pip lincolne

me at Big Hearted Business conference. Photo courtesy Pip Lincolne

Another conference this weekend, this time its the Big Hearted Business conference in Melbourne and I’m LOVING it, so many great speakers and super people attending. I get to make pom poms today with the lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s . So much fun. I see some new business plans being sown (or should I say sewn!) and I feel VERY excited about this. Will share soon. Stay tuned!

Extreme Crochet

In Melbourne it’s hot. Super hot. It was meant to peak at 38 degrees C at 5pm tonight. It’s certainly super warm. And we do not have aircon at my house. so yes, super warm indeed.

It is somewhat unfortunate therefore that I really really really want to crochet and finish off my blanket that brings me lots of joy as super hot heatness and thick woolly crochet blanket do not really go together.

But, given my dedication to crochet – oh crochet how I love you so – and being the tenacious sort, I have decided to go ahead and do ‘extreme crochet’, this requires some special considerations, should you wish to do similar you will need the following Continue reading

Made By Hand – Channel 31 – I made it

Made By Hand, Channel 31, Episode 5, Wed 3rd Aug, 8.30pm

So…. I made it!

Yes, I was on the tele last night, celebrating the fabulous Pip Lincolne originated craft group ‘Brown Owls‘, hopefully conveying some of the inspiration that she and it have given me since my arrival in Melbourne.

My ‘confessions of a camera shy Crafty Naturopath‘ have turned into ‘celebrations of a camera OK Crafty Naturopath’. Continue reading

handmade soulful-ness

this is a beautiful blog which i read this morning – it is titled ‘being me’. i feel it needs to be shared, because i think it is very lovely and very human.

These are some of the good words: “I really feel the need to connect my mind, body and soul in a way I have never put much thought in to before. I’m not quite sure how or what path I’m going to take but I know I need change to feel happier and healthier. My being is screaming out for it. Continue reading

babs, cushions & creme eggs

Happy Easter!

from me & my (easter) bunny babs.

Babs is resting in front of my newly finished cream coloured crochet cushion (oh i do love a liitle bit of alliteration), i love it, my cushion, it has a bobble trim and whenever i look at it, it makes my heart sing. I do love finishing off a project (and blimey do i have lots of projects to finish off!), such a great feeling of completion and satisfaction and good things like that.

And yes, babs has managed to acquire a creme egg, not very naturopathic i grant you, but i’ve heard (!) that they are quite tasty, as long as you dont get a mouthful of foil along with your choc and fondant. All in moderation now babs, be a good bunny.

more be free and spill ’em

I found another! isnt it gorgeous. Northcote High Street, on the wall by the Uniting Church.

Be free, be open and hop on a swing whenever you pass a playground and retrace some of the delights of kid-dom.


ps. does anyone know who the artist is?

be free and spill ’em

I came across this at the weekend. I love it.

near the corner of scotchmer and st georges road, north fitzroy.

today why not be freer, be open, don’t play your cards close to your chest, tell the world, rejoice!

creativity is so healthful.

garage sales and postcards

Here is my super new postcard, I love it. I finished designing it today. the background is a photograph of a lovely day bed cover I bought at a garage sale last weekend. it cost me $3, I think that’s quite super. I love garage sales. Bargains and giving life to old things is great. If you would like a postcard let me know and i’ll send you one, or two or three, so you can give some to your friends. Do you like it? Do you? Do let me know. It would be super to hear from you.