Look what i just made – the most amazing tasty tahini balls. Given that I am in the third week of a detox and have been avoiding sugar and processed foods, and most especially cakes and chocolate, these balls are a heavenly dose of sweetness, and so so easy. Recipe was gifted by beautiful friend Katherine – cheers!

This is the recipe:

3 dessertspoons of almonds, ground
2 dessertspoons of raw cacao powder (or get raw cacao nibs and grind them)
2 dessertspoons of tahini (sesame seed paste)
2 dessertspoons of dessicated coconut
1 dessertspoon of flaxseed oil
1 dessertspoon of blackstrap molasses

Blend / Mix all ingredients together, then form into balls, roll in more coconut if you want to be fancy (i wasnt fancy this morning) and put into the fridge to firm up. Makes 12.

I didnt have any molasses today so I used date purée, made by soaking some dried pitted dates in water for about 15 mins, drain and then process into a paste using a little of the soaking water. Neither did I have flaxseed oil so I used a bit of ghee, though you could also use coconut or other nut oil etc etc.

So far I have managed to restrain myself and only eat one of them – and given I’m feeling rather good for my detox and my resolve is quite strong, hopefully i will be able to refrain from eating them all before bedtime, all good things in moderation!


2 thoughts on “balls

    • Its amazing how taste buds can be re-trained, i have been eating some of the most delicious food during this detox, its required a new sense of creativity in the kitchen – all rather inspirational really – hoorah! good luck with the ‘balls’, hope you find them as delicious as I have.

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