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Happy Stress – maintaining excitements

me looking over excited at Big Hearted Business conference. Photo courtesy Pip Lincolne

me looking over excited at Big Hearted Business conference. Photo courtesy Pip Lincolne

I am in a state of excitement… Its’s nice. But….

I know from experience that sometimes what happens is that I get overexcited and then I get overexhausted. So this time, I’m going to try and do things a bit different. I want the excitement to stay, but the energy to stay around to sustain it.

My excitement has come from a number of things that happened last week, which was topped off superbly nicely by Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business conference. Continue reading


Feeling Big in the Heart

me at BHB photo courtesy pip lincolne

me at Big Hearted Business conference. Photo courtesy Pip Lincolne

Another conference this weekend, this time its the Big Hearted Business conference in Melbourne and I’m LOVING it, so many great speakers and super people attending. I get to make pom poms today with the lovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s . So much fun. I see some new business plans being sown (or should I say sewn!) and I feel VERY excited about this. Will share soon. Stay tuned!

Extreme Crochet

In Melbourne it’s hot. Super hot. It was meant to peak at 38 degrees C at 5pm tonight. It’s certainly super warm. And we do not have aircon at my house. so yes, super warm indeed.

It is somewhat unfortunate therefore that I really really really want to crochet and finish off my blanket that brings me lots of joy as super hot heatness and thick woolly crochet blanket do not really go together.

But, given my dedication to crochet – oh crochet how I love you so – and being the tenacious sort, I have decided to go ahead and do ‘extreme crochet’, this requires some special considerations, should you wish to do similar you will need the following Continue reading

Beaut Breakfast


This was my breakfast the other morning, brekkie salad – avocado, baby spinach leaves, tomato, almonds and I added some quick fried tempeh – delicious!

I was inspired by a recipe from The Stone Soups ‘Love your waistline and your food’ book. The book appears to be paleo-centric but will have a much wider appeal, some great recipes, with the philosophy of ease, health, quick and tasty food – my kind of eating.

Jules has lots of recipes on her blog here.

Detox and Dry July tips

I thought I would re-post these handy Dry July tips – good for anytime of the year and for anyone who is currently on (or considering) a period of alcohol abstinence, so here are some additional things you might like to be doing to assist in a bit of Bodily Spring Cleaning, to go alongside that beautiful rest you’re giving your liver from the burdens of alcohol. Continue reading

sunny side of the street


Do you cross the street to walk on the sunny side? I do. Mostly.

This afternoon in chilly Melbourne the sky was super blue and the sun did shine. I crossed the street and soaked it up.

Happy in the sunshine in orange slacks and sneakers.


entering the granny sphere

Never mind granny squares, how about granny spheres.

This is a feat of crochet engineering….. even if I do say so myself. A bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but a bit more 3-dimensionally. It took quite a bit of thinking, a teeny tiny bit of unpicking and re-trying and re-doing at the beginning, but in the end it just all came together with ease. Continue reading

oh for eau – bottle beauty


Look at this super cute water bottle. Gorgeous. And good for you.

Now, as a Naturopath I do try and sell the virtues of drinking water to my patients. Water is good, but not everyone finds it very easy to increase their consumption. Some tricks I suggest are Continue reading

Look what I got



I wanted to just share this moment of gorgeousness with you.

This week I received this beautiful card from the fabulous Brunswick Brown Owls group, it was made by Stacy, it’s so special and it made my heart sing to receive it.

Look what craft does, it spreads joy so it does – brilliant.