entering the granny sphere

Never mind granny squares, how about granny spheres.

This is a feat of crochet engineering….. even if I do say so myself. A bit like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but a bit more 3-dimensionally. It took quite a bit of thinking, a teeny tiny bit of unpicking and re-trying and re-doing at the beginning, but in the end it just all came together with ease. There was ‘will it fit’ anticipation. The last few rows were the most exciting of all – it was a joyful moment when it reached completion.

I think it is very exciting to be presented with a problem and creatively find the resolution. A real sense of achievement.

It’s a bit like my work as a Naturopath. Together with my patients we find creative and practical health solutions. Sometimes the solution is readily to hand, although there is no standardised pattern to follow, no ‘one size fits all’. We sometimes have to navigate challenges, possibly needing to observe things from different perspectives. We try things, if they don’t succeed first time round we might try again with a bit of a tweak or maybe we’ll try something completely different. We apply ourselves until we find the right fit. We draw upon our resources and knowledge in relevance to the task at hand. We keep sight of our goals and seek to achieve them in this fabulously multi dimensional world of ours. And then we celebrate achievements.

Such a privilege to do what I do it is. I love it.

My granny sphere lamp cover may possibly be my most favouritist thing I have ever made. I love it.

Do you like it too?


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