Extreme Crochet

In Melbourne it’s hot. Super hot. It was meant to peak at 38 degrees C at 5pm tonight. It’s certainly super warm. And we do not have aircon at my house. so yes, super warm indeed.

It is somewhat unfortunate therefore that I really really really want to crochet and finish off my blanket that brings me lots of joy as super hot heatness and thick woolly crochet blanket do not really go together.

But, given my dedication to crochet – oh crochet how I love you so – and being the tenacious sort, I have decided to go ahead and do ‘extreme crochet’, this requires some special considerations, should you wish to do similar you will need the following:

1. a fan

i really like my old Hoover fan, it was acquired from a house share some time ago – i like its kinda retro feel

2. a very large glass of water and a spritzer bottle with water in it (mine’s rosewater) for some gentle cooling spritzing of the face, armpits, wrists, soles of feet….. etc

3. something loose, cotton, thin, cool and wafty to wear

4. a bowl of water to immerse your feet in

5. proximity to shower for some serious cooling off should it be required

6. a calm, patient mood – this is not a time to work on something that’s going to make you feel ratty cos ratty = more heat

I think it will be worth it – cos i really do think this blanket is going to be the bestest, I started it on the weekend that i did get engaged and it will always have that beautiful association attached to it.

Look – here it is in its final planning stage – choosing the order of the squares was fun.

So by hook or by crook i will crochet, yes indeed. yes.

Stay cool



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