oh for eau – bottle beauty


Look at this super cute water bottle. Gorgeous. And good for you.

Now, as a Naturopath I do try and sell the virtues of drinking water to my patients. Water is good, but not everyone finds it very easy to increase their consumption. Some tricks I suggest are:

– having a jug of water on your desk / near your side – flavour it if you like with slices of lemon, mint leaves (or as I was given in a fabulous venue when i asked for water one very hot evening last week: chunks of lemon, orange, strawberries AND mint leaves – it was great!)

– setting a ‘water’ meeting on your computer (if you’re at work and using a computer type calendar thingo) and then putting the reminder on ‘snooze’ every 20 mins or so. note: this only works if you dont ignore your reminders!

– drinking warm water is great, potentially more absorbable than cold. Mix water from the kettle with filtered water, I like it half and half. Sometimes when you get the temperature just right it tastes like nectar – honest! give it a try.

– buying a lovely water bottle that you carry around with you at all times – like this beautiful one pictured from the Earthlust range. This range was recommended to me by a patient of mine, she has found her beautiful bottle super useful in upping her water intake.

And lastly I’d recommend sipping your water frequently during the day, not downing a big glass in one gulp to ‘catch up’ on your quota – it just wont work the same and will likely require the necessity of a toilet to be nearby!

Wishing you a happy, healthy watery wednesday



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