Made By Hand – Channel 31

So….  a few weeks back I volunteered to help teach some lovely ladies at the Brunswick Brown Owls how to make a crocheted granny square. It was a super evening, I had a great time sharing some knowledge and a few people learnt to crochet right from scratch and others enjoyed getting into a granny square groove. It was great, well received, lots of good sharing, social and just jolly well nice.

The evening’s proceedings were made a bit more interesting due to a film crew being in attendance.

Made By Hand is a documentary series which covers a myriad of different crafts people and craft groups going about their crafty business, delivering us a good dose of creative inspiration. It runs on a Wednesday evening and tomorrow our bit is on!

So the question that I can’t help (maybe immodestly) ponder is this ~ Will I or won’t I end up on the cutting room floor? Will I look stupid? Is there a hope that I could have conveyed the inspiration that I’ve gained from Pip and the Brown Owls to the extent that it deserves? Did I say the right things? Was I shaky? Will I look like a respectable Crafty Naturopath of good repute? Will I make the right impression? Blah blah blahdy blahdy blah.

I wish I wish I wish I had no care for any of this, that I was so certain of myself that I was unshakeable in my belief that it did not matter what other people think. I wish I had no insecurities about how I look, how I sound, how I am. Yet…. I am human, yes it is a fact. I know that several years ago I could not have entertained the idea of teaching a group or going in front of the camera for a second, so I guess I’ve made progress.

Of course, my concerns may have no ground at all, I may well end up entirely on the cutting room floor, time will tell! Feel free to join me in watching tomorrow nights epidode. Hopefully you wont feel the need to be watching from behind a cushion or through a teeny tiny gap in your fingers as your hands are clasped firmly over your eyes – though I may well surely do!

Check out the Made by Hand website for more details, it is also possible to view the episode via this link, after it is aired tomorrow night – Channel 31, at 8.30pm.


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