babs, cushions & creme eggs

Happy Easter!

from me & my (easter) bunny babs.

Babs is resting in front of my newly finished cream coloured crochet cushion (oh i do love a liitle bit of alliteration), i love it, my cushion, it has a bobble trim and whenever i look at it, it makes my heart sing. I do love finishing off a project (and blimey do i have lots of projects to finish off!), such a great feeling of completion and satisfaction and good things like that.

And yes, babs has managed to acquire a creme egg, not very naturopathic i grant you, but i’ve heard (!) that they are quite tasty, as long as you dont get a mouthful of foil along with your choc and fondant. All in moderation now babs, be a good bunny.


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