Made By Hand – Channel 31 – I made it

Made By Hand, Channel 31, Episode 5, Wed 3rd Aug, 8.30pm

So…. I made it!

Yes, I was on the tele last night, celebrating the fabulous Pip Lincolne originated craft group ‘Brown Owls‘, hopefully conveying some of the inspiration that she and it have given me since my arrival in Melbourne.

My ‘confessions of a camera shy Crafty Naturopath‘ have turned into ‘celebrations of a camera OK Crafty Naturopath’. I did indeed start watching through a leetle gap in my fingers as they covered my ‘i dont really want to see this’ eyes, but by the end of the segment I was inches away from the screen, somewhat amazed by the confident, mostly articulate person in front of me.

If I didnt already go to one, I would certainly have been inspired to attend a craft group based on Made By Hands artful presentation of the fabulous Brunswick Brown Owls group. Supportive, sharing, creativity, gossip, chatter, companionship are words that came up; there was a lovely hub-ub of crafty background noise, friendliness and general jolly goodness. I liked it very much.

Much thanks go to Stacey for inviting me along to that Brown Owls gathering, to Tracey Wightman for making a great program that celebrates Melbourne’s creativity, to Pip for all her continuing inspirations and to the crafting community in general for its continuing brilliance.

You can check out the segment online – episode 5 / brown owls – but I encourage you to watch the whole episode and indeed the whole series – i am a fan.

Here’s the link:


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