babs, cushions & creme eggs

Happy Easter!

from me & my (easter) bunny babs.

Babs is resting in front of my newly finished cream coloured crochet cushion (oh i do love a liitle bit of alliteration), i love it, my cushion, it has a bobble trim and whenever i look at it, it makes my heart sing. I do love finishing off a project (and blimey do i have lots of projects to finish off!), such a great feeling of completion and satisfaction and good things like that.

And yes, babs has managed to acquire a creme egg, not very naturopathic i grant you, but i’ve heard (!) that they are quite tasty, as long as you dont get a mouthful of foil along with your choc and fondant. All in moderation now babs, be a good bunny.

markets and go-go

I went to The North Melbourne Market at the weekend, it had craft and vintage, new things and old things and interesting things. I could have bought lots, but I was being thrifty. So I bought two hair clips and this, which must be the cutest puzzle ever Continue reading

more be free and spill ’em

I found another! isnt it gorgeous. Northcote High Street, on the wall by the Uniting Church.

Be free, be open and hop on a swing whenever you pass a playground and retrace some of the delights of kid-dom.


ps. does anyone know who the artist is?

leaflets, treats and lemons

Yesterday I went leafleting, with my new and beautiful (even if i do say so myself) leaflets. Because, yes, I do want to promote myself and take the healthful message of Crafting Health out to the world – admitedly yesterday I only got as far as Fitzroy, but it’s a start. Continue reading

be free and spill ’em

I came across this at the weekend. I love it.

near the corner of scotchmer and st georges road, north fitzroy.

today why not be freer, be open, don’t play your cards close to your chest, tell the world, rejoice!

creativity is so healthful.

garage sales and postcards

Here is my super new postcard, I love it. I finished designing it today. the background is a photograph of a lovely day bed cover I bought at a garage sale last weekend. it cost me $3, I think that’s quite super. I love garage sales. Bargains and giving life to old things is great. If you would like a postcard let me know and i’ll send you one, or two or three, so you can give some to your friends. Do you like it? Do you? Do let me know. It would be super to hear from you.

Frankiely, Crafty Stress Management is going to be great

I’m delighted to announce this upcoming Crafty Stress Management course that I am faciliating from the beginning of May here in central Melbourne. I am equally delighted to have had Frankie write about it in their blog this week. Continue reading

free massage!*

Receive a 30min free massage * with every one hour naturopathic consult booked before the end of June 2011.

Get set for the colder months – boost your immunity, increase your circulation, optimise energy levels and give yourself the gift of health.

Naturopathy and Massage are perfect partners in health – inner and outer wellness combined – brilliant!

how to make onions disappear

onion marmalade jar

I’m a big fan of a tasty condiment. They are especially useful when you’re trying to make healthful changes to your diet and maybe missing a few of your old not-so-healthy favourites. Think of them as a chance to discover new tastes and re-train your taste buds.

So this is one of my favourites Continue reading


Look what i just made – the most amazing tasty tahini balls. Given that I am in the third week of a detox and have been avoiding sugar and processed foods, and most especially cakes and chocolate, these balls are a heavenly dose of sweetness, and so so easy. Recipe was gifted by beautiful friend Katherine – cheers! Continue reading