leaflets, treats and lemons

Yesterday I went leafleting, with my new and beautiful (even if i do say so myself) leaflets. Because, yes, I do want to promote myself and take the healthful message of Crafting Health out to the world – admitedly yesterday I only got as far as Fitzroy, but it’s a start.

So I was busying myself along the joys of Brunswick Street, trying not to get distracted into a sneaky shopping trip (Sheila Vintage @ no. 382, has suddenly doubled in size – what joy!). It really was a lovely outing, I bumped into people I knew (always love that ‘local’ feeling), had lots of lovely chats with people in the shops and managed to appropriately distribute some Crafting Health wordage.

At times it only seemed fair to partake of the offerings of the establishment in return for their kindness with said leaflets. So look what happened!

Not particularly naturopathic, but my goodness it was so so so tasty. Babka’s (no. 358) lemon tart is ace – but with my naturopathic hat on: as a treat, once in a while, preferably accompanied with water (not coffee) and ideally shared with a friend – phew.

Treats are great.


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