leaflets, treats and lemons

Yesterday I went leafleting, with my new and beautiful (even if i do say so myself) leaflets. Because, yes, I do want to promote myself and take the healthful message of Crafting Health out to the world – admitedly yesterday I only got as far as Fitzroy, but it’s a start. Continue reading


be free and spill ’em

I came across this at the weekend. I love it.

near the corner of scotchmer and st georges road, north fitzroy.

today why not be freer, be open, don’t play your cards close to your chest, tell the world, rejoice!

creativity is so healthful.

creating new moods

I was feeling woolly in the head the other day and I was reminded of a very special and important thing…. the incredible impact on your mood and mind that seeing something beautiful and creative can have. I happened to pass by panelpop on brunswick street and was drawn to go in. I discovered the work of this artist, Shannon Crees, I loved it, it made my heart sing and my mood changed, instantly. Continue reading