My first night at a craft group

Here is my story, of fact, not fiction, which I feel like sharing; especially with those that may be thinking of joining a craft group and may have a few first night nerves.

It was February I think, 2009, my first Brown Owls in real life experience. A Brown Owls article in Frankie magazine had inspired me, whilst on a flight to Brisbane for Christmas just before. I remember it well. That was the first time I discovered Frankie as well as the first time I discovered Brown Owls – a pretty inspirational combination.

So….. having arrived at a bar in Fitzroy, I shuffled on in and eagerly, nervously, shyly, waited to have my name ticked on the Brown Owls 2009 member list. It got to be my turn and I presented myself to Pip Lincolne, who at that point I didn’t know was Pip, Craft Queen extraordinaire, but it soon became very evident that it was she. She was wearing a necklace; its pendant announced “hello”.

“hi, i’m sue” says me – “oh yes i’ve been hearing lots of good things about you” says Pip.

This was not the response I was expecting. On the verge of saying “oh no you must have got me confused with someone else, we’ve not met or been in contact before”, I luckily, fortunately, thank goodnessly, realised that this was Pip being beautifully warm and welcoming. I left with a smile in my heart and a great looking forwardness to the next meet.

Although we don’t all embody the depth of generosity, grace and goodness that Pip does (she really is quite special) it really is quite likely that at a Brown Owls gathering, or any other craft group for that matter, you’ll find a friendly, crafty sharing kind of person of good repute, who can assist in buffering any ‘first time’ nerves.

May all your first night craft group experiences be as heart warming as mine.

If you need to find a craft group near you, try here. Go on, give it a go!


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