Sue combines over 8 years of massage experience with naturopathic understanding to provide a truly holistic massage experience.

Relaxation Massage – it’s not quite remedial but it’s still jolly good at helping ease those aches and pains, as well as improving circulation, relieving stress, boosting immunity and providing some blissfull relaxation.

Often aches and pains can be caused by mental and emotional stressors as much as physical problems, including poor posture and large amounts of desk work related computer and keyboard work. Our body responds in the same way causing muscle tension, discomfort and pain. A massage that incorporates deep levels of relaxation and that works on the mental and emotional levels, as well as the physical, can therefore be very powerful in releasing bodily tension – resulting in an eased mind as well as a more relaxed body – a fabulous combination!

Heartworks Lomi Lomi – a profoundly nurturing and deeply relaxing massage
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Pregnancy massage – helping to ease those specific needs throughout pregnancy with a set up that is comfortable and accommodates any size of baby bump.

Induction massage – a relaxation massage with acupressure techniques of specific points on the body, used to prepare the body and encourage the onset of labour. The stimulation of these specific points can assist in supporting natural pody processes that are underway during the latter stages of pregnancy, such as encouraging the descent of the baby into position, dilation of the cervix and facilitation of uterine contractions. Being in a general state of relaxation throughout your pregnancy and especially just prior to birthing, provides many benefits – and it feels great!

Fertility massage – Stress is one of the biggest causes of fertility issues. If we are in a state of stress (whether it be physical, mental or emotional) the body prioritises processes in the body such as those that enable us to keep breathing, thinking, moving and generally dealing with the stressor; in such a situation reproductive function fairs badly. Hence, pregnancy favours ‘non-stress’. Massage not only brings about a state of relaxation, therefore assisting with stress management. but additionally can help fertility issues by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and helping re-balance the body energetically.

Massage and IVF – Massage can be part of treatment plan supporting IVF. Many IVF patients choose to use complementary health modalities such as Naturopathy and Acupuncture as an adjunct to assist their IVF journey. Acupuncture within the 24 hour period pre- and the 24 hour period post embryo transer has been shown to increase chances of success. Some patients choose, instead, to have a massage at this time, as stress reduction is paramount around the time of transfer. A massage during the two week wait, after transfer, can also be incredibly beneficial, as this, for some, can be a particularly stressful time.

Post baby massage – a great opportunity to take some time out for self and restore energy and vitality to the body and the mind.