Careful and detailed history of the client is taken, alongside analysis of diet and lifestyle, in order to evaluate possible underlying causes of presenting problems and potential treatment options.  Iridology and other information gathering tools and techniques may also be used to assist in creating the most appropriate treatment strategy. In addition to herbal medicines and nutritional therapy, through diet and supplementation, other complementary techniques are suggested as appropriate,  including: flower essences and homeopathics, detoxification methods, packs and compresses, lifestyle advice and relaxation techniques.

Sue seeks to correct and enhance the body’s internal environment whilst taking into account the impact of our external environment on our health.

You will receive a personalised treatment program and take away practical tools to help you achieve your health goals and attain more understanding of the effects that nutrition and lifestyle choices have on the health of your whole self. Learn how to reduce the sources of stress in your body and how to achieve an optimum state of health.

Conditions that may benefit include:

–        stress, depression, anxiety

–        fatigue, lack of energy

–        IBS, bloating, indigestion

–        frequent colds and flu, respiratory issues, lowered immunity

–        migraines, headaches

–        skin conditions

–        weight management

–        hormonal, menstrual & menopausal problems

–        fertility issues

–        men’s health

–        and many others too

how to prepare for your first naturopathy appointment

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to fill out the new patient form
  • Bring along with you any test results that you have had done recently and that are relevant to your current situation, such as blood tests or hormone profiling, which will help build a picture of your current state of health
  • Bring along with you any supplements or prescribed medications (or a list of them) that you are currently taking