Thanks to Sue’s skillful and practical naturopathic, massage and herbal treatment…..and through her dietary modifications, I’m now leading a vital and healthy life after years of distress and discomfort from asthma, bronchiectasis and crippling osteoarthritis. My walking stick now sits, unused, in a cupboard and I’ve only had 1 brief chest infection in 18 months…..extra-ordinary. Thank you, Sue. Thank you, Sue.
Anne, Jan 2012

Sue has set up a sanctuary on the 5th floor. The heartworks Lomi Lomi is a divine experience both physically and mentally. I feel like I am in heaven and lose all sense of time and place. This is all enabled by Sue’s masterful,  skilled and professional approach allowing me to feel completely nurtured and safe. What a gem ! Thanks Sue.
Stephen, Jan 2012

Crafty Stress Management:
It’s been great to join with like-minded people and do something fun and productive. It’s really taught me to be mindful which really helps me throughout the day to slow down. Sue has done an incredible job at making this really fun and interactive.
VV, May 2011

Crafty Stress Management has helped me to reassess my attitudes towards crafting, my responses to stress, and my love of creativity! Thank you Sue, for sharing your knowledge!
Corinne, May 2011

I loved Crafty Stress Management!  A novel but very well thought out concept. Loved how you ran it and left feeling relaxed and armed with tools to help me cope with stress. I would definitely recommend!
Sally, Dec 2011