Heartworks Lomi Lomi is an ancient style of Hawaiian massage that encourages a deep and profound level of relaxation within a safe and nurturing space, allowing a ‘letting go’ both bodily and emotionally. It is a flowing and rhythmic style of holistic, full body massage, which works on many and subtle levels, at the emotional and spiritual as well as the physical, to promote well being. It is a dance of healing touch, an opportunity to release tension, restore energy flow and re-connect with self. Sue incorporates these traditional elements into her treatments creating a deeply relaxing space in which healing can occur. This soothing, gentle and profoundly nurturing massage enables a deep, energizing and rejuvenating experience.

Benefits include:

–        improves circulation
–        releases blocked energy and emotions
–        healing for mind, body and spirit
–        heart opening
–        nurtures, calms and restores
–        relaxes the mind, relieves tension, recharges the body

Book in for an hour and a half to really get the most from this beautiful massage.

“… what a blissful treatment!  The most perfect antidote to the stresses of everyday life.  Such a nurturing, relaxing and energising therapy – truly divine …”

“… this is the most spiritual and complete massage I have ever had.  I feel it works with what I need at that moment not as a formula but as a unique experience …”

“… I feel put back together …”